Would You Go Swimming With Sharks In A Mermaid Tails


Ever wanted to go swimming with sharks? Cage or no cage?

We’ve been swimming with animal wildlife for many years now all around the world, and it’s always quite thrilling when we get to swim with sharks.



Part of the trip when we go swimming with sharks is to ask people their opinions on how they found the whole experience to be for them.

Here are just some of the comments from our last Shark Dive off the coast of Africa


“It was an absolute astonishing day, I did the 13th of September to the cage diving, and we saw 8 or 9 great white sharks around the boat, really active. So we were a bit fortunate, but the encounter with the staff on the boat was definitely something special.” Julia

“The business is quite experienced at it and very expert. Five great white sharks could be seen by us. It had been amazing. We got there early, had breakfast, a luncheon was created by us, required the excursion and, therefore. Adored it.” Thomas

“Therefore we abundant Hermanus before dawn arranging with the White Shark Snorkeling Co. we’d a morning While the sun was growing driving to Kleinbaai was not unlovely. When we registered and got there, they provided coffee and breakfast to us after which we’d the security briefing. We went away to find the sharks and then boarded the vessel. They stayed in so long as they had to get an excellent screening of the glorious beast after which the team that was subsequent hopped in. A quite amazing encounter during!” Ann

“It’ll live with me forever the moment before my face was dazzling it shook up. Please send my thanks to the captain and Ben for keeping us safe and looking after us and returning us safe. Additionally, thank them for not pushing me to get the cage to go back when I was in there for more than 2 hours out. I merely did not want to lose anything.” Brad

If swimming with sharks wasn’t scary enough for you, then you might like to know of one professional mermaid that has been swimming with numerous sharks while wearing a lifelike silicone mermaid tail.

You can check out the photos of silicone mermaid tails on 500px. They are really quite something.


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Just as a hunter without a gun is vulnerable, a hunter without a knife is not a hunter.  A proper hunter knows that the single most important tool of hunting is a hunting knife. After the hunter has taken care of his prey, he has to use a knife to cut, clean, cook and eat the animal, that is, if the animal is edible, he has hunted. Not only does a knife allow endless preparation of hunted food, but a knife also doubles as a utility that can get a hunter out of some tight places.


Whether it is shortening shoestring, skinning an animal or kindling has to be made, a proper knife can make or break a hunting trip. That’s right. Forget a good knife and most aspects of hunting won’t be done as easily.

So, you are looking for to hunting in Africa. The question is, what kind of hunting knife should you bring? Worry not. Here we will give you some considerations, which will help you choose the perfect knife for your hunting trip.

The right knife

Reasonable people may be unable to see a huge difference in the knives type on the market. A hunter, however, will know which knife is the best one. They also know how to use the knife properly too. There are a lot of knives made for a lot of different jobs. Yet, it is the most dynamic hunting knife that provides the greatest yield in the middle of a hunt.

What exactly should you be looking for in a knife, then?

Price and design

First off, the price. In some cases, a price can fool the consumer into buying an overly priced knife. Then, you should check for the blade design. Find a design that fits your personality best. Also, don’t forget to double check the material of the blade as well. You can find great deals on knives at http://allknives.online


Short or long?

If you want a knife for cutting through skin, you will need a shorter blade. If you want one for filleting meat, you will need a longer one.

Knife and handle materials

The next thing to check is the handle. A knife’s handle must be light yet also carry some weight. The handle’s weight should be balanced enough so it will be easy to use. If the right handle doesn’t come with the blade that you like, you can opt for a blade or handle custom made.

However, there are too many different knives variations to miss out on the right design. Also essential to the knife buying process is the knife and the handle material. Everyone likes stainless steel. Yet, regular steel can hold up for years and years.

The conventional type of handle is made from wood. Recently, other materials such as leather, steel, aluminum, and bone are becoming popular in the knife world.

If you want to get the best hunting knife for your hunting trip, you have to find the right balance between blade, handle, weight material and even sheath.

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As you might have guessed from the title, we’ll be looking at what is at the core importance of every single business. Every business, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or if it’s a brick and motar store, it doesn’t matter if it’s in America, or if it’s in Africia…  What are we talking about?

Conversion. Conversion is the part of business that lets us know that we can reopen our buisness the next day, without conversions we’d all just have very expensive hobbies.

Let’s get started…


Boost Conversion Price On Site

Exactly how well is your website functioning to transform laid-back site visitors right into internet browsers, web browsers right into involved site visitors and also inevitably, right into paying customers? The great information is that also little tweaks to much better enhance your internet site could improve your conversion prices, boosting your earnings significantly.


1. Make use of A/B (Split) Examining

There are few “useful mishaps” when it pertains to internet optimization, suggesting you virtually never ever merely come across something that functions exceptionally well the very first time. Rather, expert web developers , Search Engine Optimization professionals, as well as material designers,  teach the merits of continuous split screening, additionally called A/B testing matching 2 various headings, web pages, graphics, advertisements or e-mails, and so on versus each different other, they could promptly establish which has optimum performance when it comes to their viewers– and also will certainly create the highest possible conversion price.

There’s a lot of costly software program that will certainly handle your A/B screening, yet you actually must need to invest way too much to obtain an excellent internet site conversion advantage. Attempt Optimizely, Visual Internet site Optimizer or perhaps Google Material Experiments, which is developed right into Google Analytics.

Because of that, a lot of companies must contend the very least one A/B trial run on their site (as well as when it comes to the remainder of your advertising) whatsoever times as well as very carefully track the outcomes. Establishing up as well numerous divides or A/B examinations at the very same time could obtain confusing as well as frustrating to comply with– beating the function of determining which variation is most efficient and also why. A/B tests should be done with most aspects of business, the help greatly. There is so much information out there, a friend recommended this company is Australia – at first i thought no way,  that’s just too far away but she gave me lots of info about them so I decided to give them a call and have never looked back!


2. See to it your internet site is straightforward, clear, as well as disturbance complimentary

One of the largest mistakes you could make is crowding your site when it comes to also many details, graphics, fancy features as well as bells as well as whistles. I recognize it’s alluring to attempt to excite the website visitor (possible customer) when it comes to a host of info and also choices that show your individual worth, however, in reality, it’s counter-productive.

If you look at the sites of the very best brand names and also companies worldwide as well as you’ll discover they are all comfortable, tidy, as well as comply with the audience with a simple as well as really user-friendly course, consisting of one call-to-action. Researchers reveal that the much messier and also the, even more, choices readily available on your site, the much less effective your conversion prices will certainly be.

Keep away from stock pictures, unneeded attributes, any type of message that is not one or 2 sentences long or in a bullet factory style, food selection bars when it comes to greater than 4 or 5 products, and also greater than one huge, vibrant call-to-action.


3. Develop necessity when it comes to reward

In 2016 as well as past, one of the most active devices to enhance website conversions and also drive customer habits is ephemerality– which is an elegant means to state that deal, free gift, sale, presence at an occasion, and so on is restricted or short-lived. Assume concerning it– when you are looking at resorts on-line as well as the screen reveals that there are just 2 spaces left at a specific rate, as well as 10 individuals have actually looked at it in the last hr, you feel your pulse quicken as well as an impulse to publication it promptly.

There are 2 types of deficiency you could show to stir up seriousness when it comes to your internet viewers: revealing that a thing or solution is just readily available in minimal supply, or that it is just offered for sale or at a particular rate for a minimum time. You could also utilize both of these devices with each other to develop an apparent feeling of shortage.

If you desire to increase or also three-way your website conversion prices and also trigger your ROI, improve seriousness when it comes to short-lived rewards as well as restricted deals on your site.


4. As compare to your competitors before the customer does

There is a particular emotional procedure a client undergoes before they devote to purchasing your service or product, consisting of familiarity, an idea in the advantages it will certainly supply or issues it will indeed resolve in their life, depend on, reputation, viewed worth, and so on. Among the last products on that particular “list”– also when customers intend to click BUY NOW is the impulse to look around when it comes to your rivals making certain they are obtaining a reasonable bargain.

The excellent information is that YOU could offer an expense or solution contrast right on your internet site, providing the info as well as filtering system as you want. Establishing a smooth visuals spreadsheet to show the premium cost, advantage, functions as well as worth of your services or product– as well as the drawbacks intrinsic when it comes to your rivals– will indeed maintain a substantial portion of “customers” from ever before leaving your website, for that reason improving your conversion price as well as sales tremendously.

Frequently, that implies they will certainly leave your site as well as begin “Googling” various other items, business, alternatives, and also solutions. That likewise suggests there is a quite high opportunity they will certainly utilize your website as a structure for details when traveling making an acquisition– from somebody else.


5. Concentrate on developing a closed sales channel

The study reveals that absolutely nothing drops site conversion prices quicker compared to not leading your target market via the rational series of the sales procedure or channel. No issue what company you’re in, a tactical sales channel will certainly lead the website visitor as well as a possible customer with the phases of familiarity, developing depend on, convenience, addressing inquiries or arguments, a presentation or test deal– all forerunners to the sale.

A reliable sales channel have to consist of a drip system of details, worth, and also analytic deals for those that do not acquire as soon as possible, whether using e-mail, social media sites, social statement, brief video clip presentations, or various other special deals.

Customer actions research studies reveal that most individuals require 7 favorable communications when it comes to a brand name, item, or solution before they are mentally prepared to dedicate. That could take place a lot a lot more promptly– or all in one resting, preferably if you intend your sales channel as well as incorporate it right into your internet site correctly.

The great information is that also little tweaks to enhance far better your website could increase your conversion prices, raising your revenues tremendously. One of the most significant errors you could make is crowding your website when it comes to also much info, graphics, fancy features as well as bells as well as whistles. In 2016 and also the past, one of the most active devices to increase site conversions and also drive customer habits is ephemerality– which is an elegant means to claim that deal, free gift, sale, participation at an occasion, and so on is restricted or short-lived. The study reveals that absolutely nothing drops internet site conversion prices much faster compared to not leading your viewers with the sensible series of the sales procedure or channel. No issue what company you’re in, a tactical sales channel will certainly lead the website visitor and also a prospective customer with the phases of familiarity, developing trust fund, convenience, responding to inquiries or arguments, a demo or test deal– all forerunners to the sale.


United States President Barack Obama is entirely taken part in constructing his tradition, as he goes for the last 2 years of his 2nd term in the workplace. And as his current speeches suggest all 10 of his fingers are hectic at work, with one pointing straight at the African continent.

In January, the White House revealed that an African president’s top would happen in August in Washington DC. This long past due top is an initially in America-Africa trade relations and has the possible to mark the start of brand-new US-Africa financial relationships based upon shared regard.

Minus the weight of corruption, governance and insecurity problems, Africa has the qualities of a market, where option cultivates competitors and makes sure the context of the continent’s interests. Now is the time for America to go and take the chance history by ushering the grande dame on to the dance floor. And President Obama’s administration has simply the best ticket making that takes place.


US-Africa relations

President Expense Clinton is kept in mind as a “Black” president. His assistance of the African-American neighborhood and historic 1998 see to Africa, after years of being neglected by the United States presidency, assisted bring the resource-rich continent back into the spotlight. Clinton is likewise credited for the finalizing of the African Development and Opportunities Act (AGOA), which developed a brand-new trade relationship with Africa.

Clinton’s follower, President George Bush, on the other hand, is kept in mind for PEPFAR, a dedication to contribute $15 billion to combat the international HIV pandemic, integrated with efforts to fight malaria. Today, shaking hands as amounts to is of the essence as Africans, tired of the negative help position, desire to be dealt with as worldwide partners and accorded the right to develop their own facilities. Africans want to react to the requirements of their own individuals and manage them a future devoid of help reliance.


Africa’s expectations of Obama, born to a Kenyan daddy, have actually been unreasonably high. His policies have the possible to be ingenious and serve as an online game changer as he rearranges the standard function ascribed to Africa.




Beginning in America, President Obama has actually revealed assistance to the 3.5 million members of the African diaspora, a neighborhood that has actually grown more noticeable and is much better arranged than before his investiture. While playing an essential function in Africa’s advancement with over $50 billion in yearly remittances, the African diaspora had, previously, stayed politically nontransparent in their host nation.

To this day, the United States State Department has actually held 2 International Diaspora tops: the African ladies Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) and the Young African Leader Effort released in 2010. These programs intend to support prospective young African leaders, to resolve gender inequality, stimulate development and success, enhance democratic governance and boost peace and security throughout the continent.

In 2012, the Obama administration produced the US-Africa organizer position within his cabinet as well as released the Doing Business in Africa project to deal with the commerce department’s previous disregard of the continent while dedicating to develop a company relationship with Africa.

Leading a trade delegation of 20 American energy companies to Nigeria and Ghana recently, the United States Secretary of Commerce, Cent Pritzker restated the Obama’s administration dedication to improving financial connections with African Governments with a feel of “Africa-realism” that places interest on the considerable enhancement still had to be made to minimize corruption and enhance the financial investment environment. The concern of whether these efforts are sufficient to continue to be.

Fixing the energy poverty obstacle

The Power Africa Effort, presented by the Obama administration, has actually created enormous interest in United States’s economic sector, and numerous power efforts have actually because been carried out. According to previous Overseas Private Financial Investment Corporation’s (OPIC) vice president, Mimi Alemayehu, the workplace currently has a pipeline of tasks which if dedicated will go beyond the $1.5 billion at first promised.

Incorporating local games are the very best method to remove poverty and increase democracy. Political liberty depends on upon upward financial development.

It is the very first time the African economic sector has actually been hired through the functions of regional material laws in Nigeria. It has actually likewise enabled such business as Heirs Holding, to partner with huge American multinationals and USAID in this enormous effort.

Africa and its individuals are on the increase, all set for the severe company through changes and not handouts.

Require facilities financial investment made by African trade ministers following the finalizing of AGOA under President Clinton were lastly responded to in 2013. The introducing of the Power Africa Effort, which intends to bring 600 million African out the dark, works as a requirement to advancing African markets and economies.


The US-Africa Top

The reality that France-Africa tops, consisting of a current event– hosted by President François Hollande– in Paris to deal with the danger presented by extremist group Boko Haram to both Nigeria and Africa, are being held in France signals that President Obama’s Leaders’ Top will not influence this “pré-carré” regardless of growing calls by Africans for stronger trade ties with the United States.

African tops have actually traditionally been kept in France. As one of the significant previous bilateral help donors in sub-Saharan Africa, France’s voice has actually resonated greatly, especially in its last nests. This has actually led to significant advancement contracts for French business.

According to Marc Jezegabel of Forbes, “French-speaking nations are lagging behind their equivalents regarding its capability to draw in financiers.”

Africa is ready for her entryway in the major league and the United States top ought to not simply be held to equal the French or Chinese, it needs rather be a loud pronouncement of the tactical and financial value the continent holds. The United States Congress has actually comprehended this position and embraced a resolution to that impact given that 2010. Legislation enabling American companies to contend and invest in the African markets are now being thought about to permit more financial investment circulation to the continent, and make good on the pledge to assist spread out electrical energy to all Africa.

The United States still requires competing with Europe and emerging economies, consisting of India and Turkey. The increase of oil producing nations around the Gulf of Guinea, emerging oil and gas manufacturers in East Africa, massive discovery of natural deposits, a growing middle class with advanced consumer demands, and the boost of favorable south-south relations have all modified the familiar local landscape.

The Online Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, developed in December 2000, remains to be held every 3 years rotating in between Africa and China. While it is indisputable that China’s entryway into the African market has actually reduced France’s hang on its previous nests, the concern of whether United States’s participation would even more press France out remains.

Security and task production

One thing the United States must not overlook is the variety and intricacy of the African market; one policy can not fit all. Specialists forecast that Africa will produce 54 million brand-new tasks by 2020 and 122 million Africans will be getting in the labor market throughout that very same duration.

Making sure security and political stability will be an essential point of conversation. The Gulf of Guinea, an area of extraordinary financial capacity and tactical significance to the United States is confronted with security difficulties. Poverty and inequality in Africa have actually produced a fertile ground for terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, which now mock the whole world– weakening universal values, flexibility, and human rights.

Professionals anticipate that Africa will develop 54 million brand-new tasks by 2020 and 122 million Africans will be going into the labor market throughout that very same duration. Just financial investment in facilities and production can deal with such an increase of brand-new employees.

While playing a critical function in Africa’s advancement with over $50 billion in yearly remittances, the African diaspora had, till now, continued to be politically nontransparent in their host nation.

Clinton is likewise credited for the finalizing of the African Development and Opportunities Act (AGOA), which developed a brand-new trade relationship with Africa.

Something the United States ought to not overlook is the variety and intricacy of the African market; one policy can not fit all. Politically and financially speaking, African nations are at various phases of democratization, some more conscious of their constituents than others. Some have a fledgling middle class.

Legislation permitting American companies to contend and invest in the African markets are now being thought about to enable more financial investment circulation to the continent, and make excellent on the guarantee to assist spread out electrical power to all of the Africa.

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I hope you were able to get a lot of value out of those… 

Making money is something that is on so many minds in our world today and learning they ways and the methods of other people is a great way to increase your knowledge and skills in becoming better versed in the means to make money online.

In the upcoming blog posts, i’ll be writing about web design, and how you can get your website up and running with ease… I might even show you a video of how to do it.

Let me know what some of your ideas are!






Towards the end of 2014, there were about forty-six, 800 excessive net worth people (HNWIs) living in South Africa, with a combined wealth folks$184 billion.

HNWIs are defined as humans who have net worth folks$1 million or extra, in keeping with metrics used by studies company, New world Wealth.

This equates to more or less 31% of South Africa’s total individual wealth.

But who’re the wealthy? In which do they stay? How did thy make their cash?

BusinessTech affords a list of 10 things we know approximately South Africa’s incredibly delicious.

1. How the rich make their money in South Africa

A record posted by way of New Global Wealth found out the enterprise from which South African multi-millionaires have received their money.

Unsurprisingly, the economic services enterprise is the primary supply of wealth for 20% of local multi-millionaires.

NWW defines wealth because the internet value of assets, which incorporates financial holdings, commercial enterprise interests and tangible belongings. The group excludes number one houses from its valuation.

2. In which the rich stay

Johannesburg is domestic to the best populace of extremely rich billionaires in Africa regarding cities on the continent.

In reality, the 2015 Knight Frank Global Wealth report shows that the South African monetary hub has nearly two times the range of multi-millionaires – people with the internet really worth exceeding $30 million (R365 million).

 3. South Africa’s wealthy vs. the world

monetary services firm Credit Suisse estimates that sixty-three thousand South Africans are a part of the Pinnacle 1% of the global wealth holders – and forty-seven thousand of those people are dollar millionaires.

According to the organization’s data, about 920,000 human beings (2.8% of the grownup populace in SA) are worth over US$one hundred,000, fitting quite simply within the Pinnacle 10% of wealth holders within the world.

4. Richest streets in SA

Lightstone property found out which roads in SA command the highest average sales transfer charges.

The prosperous suburbs of Cape metropolis dominate the listing, with 4 of the five richest streets discovered in areas which include Clifton, Fresnaye, Llandudno, and Bishopscourt.

Gauteng, too, debts for some of the top addresses, with streets in Hyde Park, Bryanston, and Sandhurst valued in the tens of millions.

5. The pleasant age to be rich

in keeping with NWW, the typical age of a wealthy person in SA, namely a man or woman with the wealth of at the least US$10 million, is fifty-five years.

This is barely under the global collective of approximately fifty-six years.

The majority of them, 37%, are aged among fifty-one and sixty years while 20% are among the a long time of sixty one-70, and nine% are 70 and older.

In South Africa, the United States’ billionaires are aged between 50 (Stephen Saad) and 77 (Allan grey). The richest man in the United States of America, Johann Rupert, is 67 years old.

Curiously, but, 34% of the united states’ multi-millionaires are absolutely under 50, with 28% among 41-50, and six% underneath the age of forty. This would advise pretty an inexpensive quantity of entrepreneurial hobby within the USA

6. What the rich buy

terrific luxurious watches are a booming marketplace in South Africa.

No longer long ago, while one thought of extraordinary guys’ watches one might in all likelihood think of brands such as Rolex, Tag, Cartier, and Longines.

But, a whole new international of exclusivity has emerged, giving upward thrust to new ‘high-quality-luxury’ watchmakers, in keeping with New Global Wealth.

In November 2014, a Patek Philippe exquisite-hardship pocket watch offered for an incredible $24 million at a Sotheby’s public sale, following a preceding record of $eleven million in 1999.

 7. Home, sweet 2d domestic

About 990 of all SA’s multi-millionaires have a number one house in Johannesburg, with 380 in Cape Town, 115 in Durban, and one hundred and five in Pretoria.

The super-rich picks to live in regions including Sandhurst, Hyde Park, and Houghton – but many also have a 2nd home in coastal areas.

8. Elite banking

The remarkable rich additionally have their way of banking.

Issued using Nedbank Private Wealth, Centurion is a credit score card available through invitation most useful or upon appointment to a pick organization of people in South Africa.

The Centurion Card is made of titanium, one of the internationally most precious of metals. To make this card, it’s heated to a temperature of 1,688°C, and the steel is carefully handcrafted Member’s name in personalized lettering – making it the only considered one of its type.

9. The rich get going

Wealthy South Africans are leaving shorelines and spreading their wings so to speak.

Among 2000 and 2014, approximately eight,000 HNWIs have left in America.

South African tend to move to places like Australia, the UK, Cyprus, Mauritius, and the US and Canada.

10. South Africa’s richest human beings

Forbes lists 7 South African billionaires worth a mixed $28.6 billion, up from $25.Four billion in 2014.

South African luxury goods multi-millionaire, Johann Rupert, stays the USA’s richest guy with a net worth of $7.4 billion.


While these rich people go they using all different methods, advertising and marketing were always critical to making things happen faster. In today’s world of the internet, the best form of advertising is using Google.

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